Overall dimensions


Length 22 meters

Width 14 meters

Height 6.25 meters


"U" Cyclorama dimensions

(Eliptic curve with continuous right-left)


Length 11 meters

Width 12 meters

Height 6.25 meters









Lenght 5.90 meters

Width 5.40 meters

Depth 2.40 meters




Water heating system

Dry moat for cameras

Double window, mid-height between water and bottom

High board for overhead shots

Structure to interchange backgrounds

Excellent solar location






Set construction workshop


Carpentry workshop with all the necessities

for building sets for photography, films

and productions of all kinds. A storage area adjancent

to the set provides fast and easy changes

with no waiting intervals in between.


Set design


Interior architecture design. A professional

team ready to create any enviroment suitable

for photographic and filming requirement.

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